JV CASPI BITUM LLP founded in 2009 to implement the project to build a plant for the production of bitumen in Aktau, Mangistau Region.

The Founders:

- Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries JSC (RK) – 50 % (“NC “KazMunaiGas” JSC - 100%);

- CITIC Kazakhstan LLP (PRC) - 50 %.

CITIC GROUP the largest in China investment company, by the Chinese government, a multidisciplinary transnational corporation, whose activities cover a wide range of areas: banking, securities, insurance, trust, funds, real estate, infrastructure construction, energy, engineering.


- Mr. Zhao Jingzhong, tell as about the company’s business?

- It should be noted that our enterprise JV CASPI BITUM was incorporated as part of the State Program on Forced Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014 to meet the needs of the road industry in high-quality road bitumen. The main business area: processing of oil to produce oxidized and modified road bitumen. The oil is supplied from Karazhanbas field through the oil pipelines system of KazTransOil JSC with a length of 220 km.


- How long has the company been working in Kazakhstan and what results has it achieved?

- On December 20, 2013, within the scope of the Industrialization Day and a nationwide TV bridge with the participation of President Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Bitumen Plant was put into operation.

Since the start of the plant’s launch, more than 450 thousand tons of quality bitumen have been produced. Consumers have no claims for the quality of the manufactured products, and in the future the company is aimed only at improving the quality of the products.

- What prospects do you see for the company, and what are your plans for the near future?

- We intend to expand our product range in the near future and begin production of polymer-modified bitumen with improved heat-frost and wear-resistant characteristics. The service life of such bitumen is several times higher. In addition, such material can be used in the construction of not only highways, but also runways.

In January this year, the first direct export of road bitumen in quantity of 650 tons was made to the Republic of Uzbekistan. In the future, the production of Bitumen Plant will be supplied to the markets of the near abroad.

Also, the plant plans to expand not only the export geography, but also the structure of deliveries, delivery not only by railroads and tank trucks, but also the supply of road bitumen in the cooled form, packaged in polymeric disposable transport containers of two types: “Big-Bags” (disposable soft containers) with a capacity of up to 1000 kg and bags with a capacity of ~ 40 kg.

We, as an enterprise, have common goals, which we strive for - to continuously improve the technical autonomy, optimize technological processes, preserve the leading position in the industry, and achieve a competitive advantage in the market. Our driving force to the development of the enterprise will be a continuous increase in the managerial level, the formation of high productivity, the creation of conditions for the development of a healthy and professional team.

- Tell us about your personal impressions of our country.

- At present, Kazakhstan and China are at a key stage of development, and the bitumen plant is a clear evidence of this. Thanks to the attention paid by the Head of State to business development issues, Kazakhstan has a good investment climate. In addition, at the regional level, we closely cooperate with the representative office of NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC and the Mayor’s Office of Mangistau Region, which fully support our enterprise. Also, I especially note the hospitality of the people of Kazakhstan, rich in meat and dairy products, national cuisine.