Enterprise Registration

To create a legal entity, the following shall be made in the first instance:

  • obtain M4 business immigrant visa;
  • select a form of incorporation for the legal entity to be created, depending on the type of activity;
  • determine a business entity category for the company to be created;
  • if the company is created through reorganization or merger, or acquisition of shares and participatory interests – determine whether or not it shall be required to obtain permission of the state antimonopoly body;
  • if the legal entity shall engage in the provision of financial services, permission of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be required as well.

Non-state legal entities are entitled to engage in business activities through the creation of commercial legal entities pursuing deriving revenues as the main purpose of their activities.

Types and forms of legal entities

Usually, commercial legal entities are established in the form of business partnerships, joint stock companies. Forms of incorporation of non-state commercial legal entities are only be a business partnership and a joint-stock company.

Categories of Business Entities

When creating a company, it shall be necessary to provide for an approximate average annual income and headcount, including headcount of representative offices and branches as it is needed for the purposes of statistics and to obtain government support measures.

Depending on the average annual headcount and average annual income, there are:

  • •Micro Business - up to 15 persons / 30,000 MCI;
  • •Small Business - up to 100 persons / up to 300,000 MCI;
  • •Medium-sized Business - 100-250 persons / from 30,000 to 3,000,000 MCI;
  • •Large-sized Business - over 250 persons / over 3,000,000 MCI.

ONLINE registration of a legal entity