National Contact Centre for Responsible Business

The OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises are the most comprehensive set of the responsible business recommendations supported by governments.

Governments should uphold the purpose set out in the Guidelines, and help to ensure that multinational enterprises could make a positive contribution to sustainable development and minimize the difficulties that may be caused as a result of its activities.

National Contact Centre acts as a platform of dialogue between civil society, multinational enterprises, the business community and non-governmental organizations to resolve contentious issues affecting Guidelines.

National Contact Centre monitors the activities of the enterprises for compliance with the standards of responsible business in the following areas:
1) Disclosure of the information,
2) Human rights,
3) Employment and industrial relations,
4) The environment,
5) Combating bribery, corrupt and extortion,
6) The interests of consumers,
7) Science and technology,
8) The competition,
9) The taxation.

Investment Committee of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan performs the functions of the National Contact Centre.


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OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises