Constructional materials production

Production of constructional materials is an important consistently expanding economic sector of Kazakhstan ensuring 8,6 % volumes of processing industry. Priority ranking of the sector is determined on one hand by domestic demand from construction industry, development opportunities and realization of domestic products at macroregion countries markets, on another hand by an availability of own raw material base and potential of Kazakhstani enterprises.

Capacity of domestic constructional materials market has almost 800 bln. tenge. Import of constructional materials (wood, plastics and materials related to other non-metal mineral products) is approx. 2 bln. USD. Priority commodities import capacity of macroregion is approx. 3 bln. USD.

There are 1 453 enterprises operating in the sector with more than 40 thousand people working in it. The most developed sector is cement production, making of ready-mix concrete, concrete products, plastic pipes, heat-insulation materials.

Sector development indicators demonstrate steady upward trend. From 2008 to 2012 production volume in nominal terms saw 1,6 times increase. Labor productivity saw 2,3 times increase. However, as compared with mean value of this indicator in OECD countries labor productivity in Kazakhstan in this sector is lower by 47 %.

Priority activities

  • Production of scale wood, veneer wood, plates and panels
  • Production of plastic sheets, tubes for tire and profiles
  • Production of constructional plastic articles
  • Production of flat glass
  • Formation and treatment of flat glass
  • Production of hollow glassware
  • Production of fiberglass
  • Production and treatment of other glassware
  • Production of refractory products
  • Production of ceramic coating and plates
  • Production of bricks, tiles and other constructional products made of burnt clay
  • Production of ceramic hygienic plumbing equipment
  • Production of ceramic electrical insulators and insulating fittings
  • Production of other ceramic products
  • Production of cement including clinkers
  • Production of lime and gypsum cement
  • Production of concrete constructional items
  • Production of gypsum for construction
  • Production of concrete ready to be used
  • Production of dry concrete mix
  • Production of products made of asbestos cement and fiber cement
  • Production of other concrete items, gypsum cement and cement
  • Stone sawing, dressing and refinishing
  • Production of other non-metal mineral products not included into other groups

Priority projects

Over the 2015 to 2019 period state policy concerning development of constructional materials production will be focused on implementation of priority strands with respect to flat-glass industry, establishment and modernization of production of cement, dry building mixes, natural stone and other projects.

Overview of industrial niches

Production of aluminum rods, bars and profiles

Production of ceramic tiles and refractory bricks

Production of sanitary ware